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Gorizia: places to visit In Gorizia, heart of Mitteleurope, and rich in history and traditions, along with a splendid Castle overlooking the city, also museums, palaces and gardens cannot be missing. Over the years they have become sought after tourist destinations for lovers of history, culture, and naturalism.
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Shopping To shopping lovers Gorizia offers a wide variety of shops and stores scattered along downtown streets. Here shopping becomes a pleasant and enjoyable pastime able to suit every guest’s needs.
Collio Collio, a charming hill country well known for the excellent premium-quality wine making, stretches out along the border with Slovenia. This area is the ideal place to go for a relaxing walk in the countryside, in a series of sweet hills dotted with majestic vineyards and small villages.
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Seaside For those wishing to enjoy the beach, Grado is just a 45min drive away. The thermal city is well known as The Island of the Sun, and is renowned for its long south-facing beach.
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Casinos in Slovenia Nova Gorica, a Slovenian town very close to Gorizia, hosts some renowned Casinos, such as Perla and Casinò Hit.

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